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55 percent of medical device industry professionals searching for a job change According to a random paid survey of 2,150 medical device industry between January 4 and January 13 professionals, a complete 55 % are looking at 2010 as the entire year to create a job change. Only 11 % expected no change within their employment under any situations in 2010 2010 http://forzest.org/enhance-potency-by-means-of-foods.html . Paula Rutledge, President of Legacy MedSearch, says she was not surprised by the full total results. We anticipate a slight increase in hiring in 2010 2010, in the customer-facing particularly functions like advertising and sales. With the FDA battening down the hatches on the PMA and 510 approval processes, we are also seeing a recent surge in positions connected with product approvals and liability such as for example quality, regulatory, compliance and medical affairs.

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