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Primary prevention, the treatment of children with streptococcal disease to prevent RHD, is key to elimination of the disease. To this end, all children identified as having strep throat will be treated with injectable penicillin in the community-based research sites. Prevalence of RHD and adherence to secondary prophylaxis will be motivated via the mobile electronic registry. We’ve assembled an experienced group from MGH who are thrilled to bring the mobile center imaging technology to Zambia, mentioned Michael H. Picard, MD, Director of Echocardiography at the Massachusetts General Medical center and a Past President of the American Culture of Echocardiography. We are creating a model for country-wide screening through universities that will not only raise knowing of the magnitude of the disease but also provide a simple solution to identify those who will advantage from a very simple and safe treatment.The Thai Ministry of Public Health in June 2007 confirmed that it could continue with its intend to issue a compulsory license for the medication after Abbott and medical ministry cannot reach a price contract during negotiations. Thailand’s FDA in October 2007 completed the registration of a generic edition of Aluvia for make use of beneath the country’s compulsory licensing plan. The generic edition is manufactured by the Indian generic pharmaceutical organization Matrix Laboratories . According to Winai, the 1st batch of the generic edition of Kaletra – – worth 21 million baht, or around $664,000 – – was delivered to condition hospitals nationwide in February.