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Such a timetable also prompts skepticism about whether the advisory committee is only a foil for decisions which have already been made. I know some of the individuals on that committee and I really believe the 16 committee members can make their personal decisions, nonetheless it is unclear what impact their recommendations and report will have on Government decisions. Dr. Grisdale concluded by saying he does not believe Alberta Health Solutions and Alberta Health and fitness have any mal-intent with the changes they could envision in weeks and years to come.A trained person will ensure that you are doing the proper exercises, performing them correctly, and demonstrate the new workouts that you could try also. This way, you will not be frustrated and give up altogether. Have a Warm Shower Do you feel that your joints are stiffer in the morning? Well, this happens because joints become stiffer over night. Take a warm shower to relieve the stiffness. This can help in therapeutic warm-up and the moist high temperature increases blood circulation to the aching parts, improves muscle flexibility and relieves muscle spasms. Build a Road Map of Improvement You together with the therapist need to build a road map of improvement for muscle, joint flexibility, and for overall flexibility and fitness. This is your treatment plan and must are the following: – Warmth or Ice Packs: You can deal with painful or inflamed joints with heat or ice pack.