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The forum provides together a broad range of stakeholders, including leading health care professionals, representatives from medical societies, insurers, the US Olympic Committee, the armed service, patient advocacy groups, federal government agencies, market, and others. For an increasing number of clinical circumstances, ultrasound has been shown to be equally effective, if not superior, in its diagnostic capacity, with a distinct advantage in cost and safety over computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.This method uses the energy of thoughts to channelize the universal life pressure energy. This energy can be a robust and potent positive power which reaches within the deeper degrees of the sub conscious mind of a person. There are plenty of thought and belief patterns located in the sub conscious brain and these patterns depend on the type of experiences that he or she has already established in life. If the experiences are excessively negative then you will see larger number of adverse patterns which will result in problems like depressive disorder and stress. In fact it’s been proved by scientific study that virtually all physical and mental ailments are psychosomatic in nature. Therefore by changing these believed and belief patterns in the sub mindful mind it is possible to change the condition of a person.