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$2.4M approved for LHIN’s Urgent Priorities and Aging at Home initiatives On August 26 2009 At its meeting, the THE WEST LHIN Board approved a total of $2.4M for 2009/10 in base and one-time funding as part of its Urgent Priorities and Aging at House initiatives. These initiatives and tasks support the priorities determined in the LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Program and will help to address health care pressures within the South West LHIN. Each initiative/task was assessed according to numerous factors including: – merit as an expenditure; – advancement of integration; – actionable, sustainable and progresses health program directions; – demonstrates partnerships as applicable; and – aligned with provincial and LHIN priorities.‘Knowing your status is the first step to planning better for future years,’ said Zoya Shabarova, AHF European countries Bureau Chief. ‘With a test that takes just 60 secs, which is performed in a friendly, confidential, and caring atmosphere, and is certainly 99.6 percent accurate, there’s not been an easier, quicker and more client-friendly way to understand about your HIV status.’.

Alcohol – not marijuana – is the gateway drug, study shows For a long time Americans have already been told that marijuana should remain illegal because it may be the ultimate gateway drug – that is, the drug that most leads to the abuse of other often, more potent medicines.