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Seventeen % were personal – or individual referrals, and 11 % were referred through universities. The TEDS record provides detailed data on admissions to drug abuse treatment for all age groups. The 2002 data display that polydrug abuse was more prevalent among TEDS admissions than was the misuse of a single substance. Polydrug misuse was reported by 55 % of all admissions for drug abuse treatment in 2002. Alcohol, marijuana and cocaine were the most reported secondary substances. For marijuana and cocaine, more admissions reported these as secondary chemicals than as primary substances. This new record provides info on the demographic and drug abuse characteristics of the 1.9 million annual admissions to treatment for abuse of alcohol and drugs in facilities that report to individual state administrative data systems.This is because of the known fact that most misdiagnoses happen at outpatient clinics, which are not the focus of patient safety studies typically. ‘Due to the large numbers of outpatient visits, that is an enormous vulnerability,’ mentioned Dr. Hardeep Singh, lead author of the scholarly study and patient safety researcher at BCM, during an interview with Reuters. ‘This is a huge number and we have to do something about it.’ Faulty medical information could mean a lot more individuals are being misdiagnosed Based on earlier study executed by Dr. Singh, medical misdiagnoses are problematic because they put affected individual safety at risk highly. Missing a significant condition like tumor, for example, can result in a patient not getting necessary treatment, while diagnosing an individual for a nonexistent condition can result in unnecessary and possibly life-threatening treatment.