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The key to healthy epidermis is to keep it clean, without over drying and avoid spreading unwanted bacterias and oil to the facial skin. Melasma is a condition of the skin that causes darkened regions of skin to appear on the cheeks, forehead or above the lips of several people, especially those going right through pregnancy or menopause. This noticeable switch is due to hormones and in most cases, will fade after hormone levels have stabilized. However, this may take months, years even, so patience is essential in its treatment. Melasma is known as hyperpigmentation, which is certainly, quite literally, an increase in the quantity of skin pigmentation that is most often viewed as tan or light brown patches of skin, on the face usually. While women suffer from this type of skin condition predominantly, men are known to occasionally have problems with it aswell also.Niederkorn said. The presence of eye allergies changed the immune system’s response to the corneal transplants in a fashion that resembled a severe allergic response and culminated in a dramatic increase in corneal graft rejection. Related StoriesNurses who use organ transplant patients knowledge high levels of psychological exhaustionStudy suggests mix of MMF and CNIs can drive back rare lymphomaWider geographic sharing of pediatric donor lung area can increase transplant prices for young U.S.