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Lucentis, which recent research have shown performs no better than Avastin at treating eyesight loss, costs about $2,000 per dose. Avastin, that was originally developed by Genentech to treat colon and lung cancers, costs less than $100 per dose. THE DAYS content says that Genentech is trying to spin the program as an attempt to motivate doctors to recommend Lucentis for retinal vein occlusion, a condition which the US Food and Medication Administration authorized the drug for in June. However the ongoing company provides been investigated for Avastin-related chicanery before. In 2007, Herb Kohl, a US Senator from Wisconsin, asked the FDA to look into whether Genentech was artificially limiting the availability of Avastin to ophthalmologists to force them to prescribe the more costly alternative.A Web-integrated voice-response program transmitted the randomization to the product packaging business, which delivered the medicines to the treatment centers. Treatment was started within 4 days following the start of menstrual period and was continued until week 13, after which patients could have surgery. Follow-up visits were planned, without further treatment, for weeks 17, 26, and 38. Iron supplementation was still left to the discretion of the dealing with physician. End Points We evaluated all efficacy end points at week 13 before surgery. The principal efficacy end point was the proportion of individuals with control of uterine bleeding at week 13, which was defined as a PBAC rating of significantly less than 75 .