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Lately, a teenage Mumbai teenager lady Swati contacted me to response her plethora of questions related to acne. Following is an excerpt of the discussion between our skin expert and Swati eriacta . Have a look. Swati:Do teens alone get acne?Skin Professional:No, people get this problem for the very first time if they reach adulthood and in some cases even babies are born with acne. Majority of victims may outgrow it, but some women need to bear it until the menopause.Swati:What can make the problem worse?Skin Expert:A few of the factors are:Hard scrubbing of the skinPicking or Squeezing at blemishesPollution and high humidityFriction caused by rubbing or leaning on the skinPressure from tight collars, backpacks, or bike helmetsChange in hormone amounts in ladies and adult women two to five days before the start of their menstrual periodSwati:Does humidity and sweating produce the condition worse?Skin Expert:Yes, both these have potential to help make the condition even worse.

Acne keloidalis Pimples keloidalis mainly affects youthful to middle-aged men and usually presents with firm smooth papules to small nodules on the nape of the neck. Case presentation A 38-year-old man presented with a five-year background of mildly itchy and occasionally painful firm papules and small nodules on the midline of the low occipital scalp extending to the posterior surface of the neck. Person lesions began as inflamed little nodules that weeped and crusted over sometimes, some with small pustules. The patient picked at them every once in awhile but more often left them alone.