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While it is not in the media’s short to enquire into the effect that their stories have got on people, there seems little doubt that the mass media plays a defining part in how we find swine flu. Although some media stories help recognition and place such problems on our agenda, the temptation to sensationalise through psychological headlines, images and language is often irresistible. We noticed it with SARS and Bird Flu and in lots of respects we are seeing it repeated with swine flu. But what exactly are the epidemiological realities of the flu outbreak? So far the disease has spread to 53 countries producing a little over 15,500 cases and 100 deaths approximately.Avoiding sick leaves Some of the foods that you consume each day might cause you a whole lot of health issues. You might be consuming a lot of trans-extra fat and unhealthy ingredients when you drop by at the fast-food joints in between work hours or later. This will make you ill in the neighborhood. You want to burn up the extra calories that are gained by your body due to the unhealthy food behaviors. This would be possible only when you workout at a fitness center every day.