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‘What few people realize is a cavity still left untreated can land them up in my office! The problem is you do not realize you have a serious problem until the cavity deepens to this extent that it exposes the nerves of the tooth. By this stage, you will quickly experience pain and sensitivity.’ This highlights the need for seeing your Pueblo dentist twice per year for check-ups to make sure that your oral enamel is in superb health. Also be sure to minimize sugar intake, drink plenty of water and brush and floss to prevent oral bacterias from undermining your dental health daily. Stay Tuned for Part 2 Stay tuned for the second installment of the four-part content series, coming in a few days, to go through about the procedure options for more prevalent dental problems..1. Recycle gift wrap Tissue paper, present wrap, boxes and bows all amount to a lot of needless trash around the holiday season. To avoid the extra pileup, try reusing boxes and wrapping paper from this past year, recycling gift bags and bows which were directed at you previously. Maybe try making use of the newspaper lying around your house and wrap gifts with it. Few people do this, that makes it a unique and eco-friendly way to present gifts. If every American reused gift-wrapping materials for three presents just, it would save plenty of paper to cover 45,000 football fields! 2. Share your knowledge of green living Among my favorite things you can do is purchase people gifts that Personally, i like that are chemical-free of charge and derived from sustainable practices.