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One participant reported subjectively improved night eyesight but had no constant measurable improvement in retinal sensitivity or navigation. Spectral Sensitivity Measurement of spectral sensitivities in a set location in the superior retina after administration of the bigger dose confirmed that two participants had substantial improvements in rod sensitivity that peaked at 12 months after treatment and subsequently declined . For Participant 6, improvements had been proportionately greater at 500 nm than at 600 nm, which indicated recovery of rod function. For Participant 5, related improvements at 500 and 600 nm indicated an improvement in cone function.It somehow got there. Many it entered their blood through connection with the lungs likely. It contaminated them through the air flow. When it became apparently to the Army researchers that three of the four males who became infected hadn’t cut themselves, just about everyone at USAMRIID concluded that Ebola can spread through the air. Photos of the web pages from the physical book, released in 1994 Don’t believe the Ebola lies of the National government. A strain of Ebola was airborne 14 years back already.