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When Viewing Famous Encounter, AMD Patients Concentrate on External Features The researchers used a complicated technique known as optical coherence tomography/scanning laser ophthalmoscopy to examine the interior of the eye in nine patients with AMD. Age-related macular degeneration may be the leading cause of vision loss in older adults. It causes gradual destruction of the macula, leading to blurring and lack of central vision. Previous studies have suggested that folks with AMD have difficulty perceiving faces. To judge the possible function of abnormal eye motions, Dr Seiple and colleagues used the OCT-SLO tools to make microscopic movies of the inside of the attention as the patients viewed one of the globe's most famous faces: the Mona Lisa.Analyses of the primary and secondary efficiency outcomes were performed based on a modified intention-to-treat theory with data from eligible patients in whom the cardiac arrest had not been due to drowning, strangulation, or electrocution and for whom the primary outcome was known. An unbiased data and basic safety monitoring board reviewed the info at prespecified intervals and used a group-sequential stopping rule. The primary analysis compared the outcomes between your groups by using the Wald statistic for the treatment group in a generalized linear blended model.23 The model included random results for each of the clusters, accommodated the binary distribution of the results variable, and used a linear-link function to estimate a complete difference in risk.