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Romina Libster, M sildenafil citrate 100mg .D., Jimena Bugna, M.D., Silvina Coviello, M.S., Diego R. Hijano, M.D., Mariana Dunaiewsky, M.D., Natalia Reynoso, M.D., Maria L. Cavalieri, M.D., Maria C. Guglielmo, M.D., M. Soledad Areso, M.D., Tomas Gilligan, M.D., Fernanda Santucho, M.D., Graciela Cabral, M.D., Gabriela L. Gregorio, M.D., Rina Moreno, M.D., Maria I. Lutz, M.D., Alicia L. Panigasi, M.D., Liliana Saligari, M.D., Mauricio T. Caballero, M.D., Rodrigo M.D., Maria E. Gutierrez Meyer, M.D., Maria D. Neder, M.D., Maria C. Davenport, M.D., Maria P. Del Valle, M.D., Valeria S. Santidrian, M.D., Guillermina Mosca, M.D.D., Liliana Alvarez, M.D., Patricia Landa, M.D., Ana Pota, M.D.D., Ricardo Dalamon, M.D., Victoria I.

Other studies have linked high doses of beta-carotene to improved risk of lung cancer in smokers. High doses of supplement E might increase risk of prostate cancer, the NIH says. ‘For people with an increased risk of cancer, which means that taking nutritional supplements containing antioxidants might unintentionally increase the progression of a little tumor or premalignant lesion, neither which can be done to detect,’ Bergo said. Bergo said his group decided to focus on N-acetylcysteine because it is a potent antioxidant that dissolves quickly in water, which makes it easy to feed to lab mice. The researchers also performed follow-up tests on individual melanoma cells, using N-acetylcysteine and vitamin E.